• A Deathly Shade of Passion

    A Deathly Shade of Passion is the second in the Clairemont Island Mystery series. Tension builds when a magazine crew arrives from LA for a photo shoot. Having to source local talent seems easy at first. One person’s life depends on their secret being kept under wraps, however a chance encounter brings past crimes into the spotlight. The heady mix of L.A personalities and locals ignites a whole storm of passion and intrigue. Around them, all hell breaks loose when pride and ego erupt causing a catastrophic outcome. Some of the fascinating, scheming and wild characters from ‘Deadly Deception’ appear here in a menacing romp through an increasingly sinister paradise. A Deathly Shade of Passion will be published mid 2020 To be kept up to date with the progress of A Deathly Shade of Passion, please like and follow myFacebook page.

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  • Deadly Deception

    Deadly Deception. Amazon. Kindle. 2nd Edition

    Deadly Deception came about quite by chance; an avid fan of crime stories herself, Vicki embarked on a journey of mystery, revealing she didn’t even know who did it until she wrote the words. She describes the writing process by saying that once she got ‘out of the way’ the characters took over and revealed their individual involvement in the crime. Deadly Deception is set on Clairemont Island, a secluded island in the South Pacific, breath takingly beautiful, this island has many a story to tell. The lies, deceit, deception and secrets of the residents and holidaymakers would make your hair curl. When Troy Anderson and his family holiday on the island, Troy unintentionally becomes a prime suspect in a murder. Knowing his deepest darkest secrets have been uncovered, you’ll be shocked at what he does next.  
  • How to write a mystery books

    How to Write a Mystery

    Do You have a burning desire to Write Your Own Mystery? Do You watch mystery/crime on TV and know who does it before it’s revealed? Have You ever wanted to try your hand at baffling the reader with your own ‘Who Dun It’ book? In this 4-hour workshop, I give you the tools and techniques to kick-start the mystery writing process. Research, what goes into writing a great mystery Bring your characters to life Outline your story, gather content Clues reveal and bringing it all together
  • How to write a Novel

    How to Write a Novel

    This program "How to Write a Novel" is 8 modules. Each module builds into the next. It’s a small commitment that could provide you with a massive outcome. This "How to Write a Novel" program is Online. In these modules, you will learn tools and techniques that will kick start your story from conception to completion.
  • How to write for Children books

    How to Write for Children

    If you have pursued the shelves of any bookshelf you will know that children’s books come in all different shapes and sizes. There are picture books, chapter books and a combination of both, but what are the rules around what book is for what age group? How to write for children will answer all of your questions and more. In a 4-hour how to write for children workshop, you will get a full understanding of what will work for the children’s book you want to write. How to Write for Children Workshop Identify the style, size, shape and layout of books appropriate for different age groups and identify your target market. Create content, book title, cover and prepare for publishing.  
  • 2015). Memory of Your Life. Website Only. Memory of Your Life is a step-by-step workbook designed to share your life stories with loved ones. Take a walk down memory lane and leave your memories, wisdom and requests on paper for those dearest to you.  Your life story is your greatest legacy.  Share it now and impact those you live with the ultimate gift-your life story. This simple, easy-to-use workbook gently guides you through life’s most important memories and helps you record and share them in fine detail with poise, passion and purpose.  It also gives you opportunity to write anything left unsaid and give insight into the real you. Stored memories achieve so little, but shared memories last forever. Pass on your life stories and keep them alive for generations. Time limits all of us but our life message can be timeless.
  • Trust the Universe

    Trust the Universe. Amazon. Kindle. 2nd Edition

    Have you ever wondered what happens when you bring Spirituality into Business? Trust the Universe is just one example of the magic that occurs when you start to listen to the universal messages around you, when you trust your gut instincts, when you believe that anything is possible. “Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday business, Vicki realised work was starting to get harder and harder, doors were closing, connections drying up, missed opportunities were taking their toll on a once thriving video production company. Vicki was no longer working in her heart space and ‘flow’ had gone out the door. What happened next started a catalyst for change one by one circumstances occurred that would ultimately bring about an unbelievable outcome.”