• Trust the Universe.

    Trust the Universe. Revised and Updated 2nd Edition

    Relaunch date 1 August 2020 This book takes you on a personal journey and is just one example of what is possible when you let go of fear-based practices; when you believe in yourself and Trust the Universe.
  • Deadly Deception


    Deadly Deception

    Paperback Revised and Updated 2nd Edition

    Relaunch Date 10 August 2020 The story is set on Clairemont Island, a secluded island in the South Pacific. Breathtakingly beautiful this island has many a story to tell. The lies, deceit and secrets of the residents and holidaymakers will make your hair curl.
  • A Deathly Shade of Passion

    The heady mix of L.A personalities and locals of Clairemont Island ignites a whole storm of passion and intrigue, as one person's past is revealed all hell breaks loose when pride and ego erupt causing a catastrophic outcome.


    E-Book Paperback Hardcover
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