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    Vicki has embarked on a series involving action, murder and mayhem in a Pacific paradise called Clairemont Island. Deadly Deception and A Deathly Shade of Passion are the first two books in what promises to become an extended saga involving much loved characters and a shifting cast of angels and villains amidst the manicured gardens and stunning scenery of the island. Vicki’s objectives in her writing are to provide a good read—stimulating entertainment for adults in a light-hearted melding of romance, sex, parties and friendship with the challenges of unravelling dark mysteries enmeshed in lies, drugs, violence and the all too human failings of greed, fear and weakness of character. In order for you to get to know the locals I'm offering you the opportunity to purchase the first in the series Deadly Deception at 40% off the paperback version so that you can fully appreciate A Deathly Shade of Passion as it launches on 1 September 2020  
  • Trust the Universe.

    Trust the Universe. Revised and Updated 2nd Edition

    Relaunch date 1 August 2020 This book takes you on a personal journey and is just one example of what is possible when you let go of fear-based practices; when you believe in yourself and Trust the Universe.
  • Deadly Deception

    Paperback Revised and Updated 2nd Edition

    Relaunch Date 10 August 2020 The story is set on Clairemont Island, a secluded island in the South Pacific. Breathtakingly beautiful this island has many a story to tell. The lies, deceit and secrets of the residents and holidaymakers will make your hair curl.
  • A Deathly Shade of Passion Paperback

    The heady mix of L.A personalities and locals of Clairemont Island ignites a whole storm of passion and intrigue, as one person's past is revealed all hell breaks loose when pride and ego erupt causing a catastrophic outcome.

    This book will be published 1 September 2020 purchase your pre-order copy now and have it signed by the Author.



  • (2015). Memory of Your Life. Website Only. Memory of Your Life is a step-by-step workbook designed to share your life stories with loved ones. Your life story is your greatest legacy.  Share it now and impact those you live with the ultimate gift-your life story. Stored memories achieve so little, but shared memories last forever.
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