About Vicki Williams Author

About Vicki Williams Author

In Trust The Universe which was released on Amazon in 2013 she reveals how she dismissed gut instincts and messages ‘from above’ as she believed the messages she was receiving were so far fetched they couldn’t possibly be true. But the Universe had it’s own plan for her and kept opening doors and connecting her to people of influence, until the ‘slap in the face’ the Universe was giving her could no longer be ignored.

Memory of Your Life was to be a curveball, a game changer that came from out of the blue, written while working in Manila this workbook demonstrates that you should never ignore or underestimate the signs and opportunities that are presented to you in Divine Time.

Deadly Deception came about quite by chance; an avid fan of crime stories herself, Vicki embarked on a journey of mystery, revealing she didn’t even know who did it until she wrote the words.

She describes the writing process by saying that once she got ‘out of the way’ the characters took over and revealed their individual involvement in the crime.

A Deadly Shade of Passion is the second in the Claremont Island Mystery Series, published 1 September 2020.

Vicki is currently working on other books as well as mentoring and teaching ‘How To’ workshops in the following genres:

    • Mystery
    • Self-help
    • Memoir
    • Children

Her workshops are available in person and online

Writing as author Jade Green

Jade Green is a spiritual fantasy author.
A longstanding love affair with crystals, essential oils, aromatherapy and other natural remedies, inspired Jade to integrate these methodologies into her first fantasy series Eagle Eye Adventures.

Knowing these methodologies work as an ally to potentially transform your life, it was easy to create believable storylines using down to earth characters that you can readily relate to.

Thanks to the imaginative world of magical fantasy, Jade has taken childhood issues (which sometimes journey into adulthood). Through encouragement, guidance and empowerment she encourages her characters to improve and even eliminate these issues in ways they may never have thought possible.

Eagle Eye Adventures takes us all on a journey of self-discovery.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Fear of the Unknown is being published by Austin MacAuley in 2020. Watch this space or stay connected with Jade on Social Media www.facebook.com/Jade-Green-Author

More About Vicki Williams Author

New Zealand born Vicki Williams lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. Vicki has always had a passion to write but lacked the confidence to do anything more with her stories. That was, until she entered a challenge to write a book in 40 hours and shocked herself in producing her first book Trust The Universe.

With a draw full of possible storylines, a murder series and a young adult series in production, it will be interesting to see where she leads us in the future.

Vicki Williams Author