Testimonials regarding Author Vicki Williams. Discover how her books and workshops  have helped many students discover their hidden creative talents.

“I went along to the first Wyndham Writing Group meeting to support my partner who has an interest in writing.
I had no interest whatsoever in writing and certainly didn’t have the patience or time for such an endeavour.  The facilitator, Vicki Williams, set out a few writing exercises and I thought I may as well join in.
I wrote a couple of lines and surprised myself with what I had conjured up from my long untapped imagination.  I reluctantly shared what I wrote with the group, which resulted in encouragement from others.
From those few lines I’d written I could feel a story unfolding.  I thought maybe I could do this after all.  The encouragement I received from the first and the subsequent meetings I attended gave me the confidence to continue.
I began to develop an interest in writing, finding time and the patience I never thought I had.  Writing has also been an experience in personal development; it has expanded my vocabulary not only in story writing, but also in other facets of my life.  I must admit I surprised myself with what I have achieved within just six months of joining the Wyndham Writing Group.  I have almost finished my first book and have excitedly began my second book.
My newfound interest certainly would not have been possible without the ongoing support and encouragement of Vicki Williams, a published author herself and the members of the Wyndham Writing Group.”

David Haddon

“Vicki’s enthusiasm for writing is contagious.
Not only does she provide the tools and knowledge, she also supports and encourages us at whatever stage we’re in.
Being able to contact Vicki in-between sessions is helpful for me, as she has a real knack of ensuring any blockages hindering my progress disappear. Her motto “Just Write” works well!”

Emmy Silvius

“I have attended Vicki’s workshop, I wish that I had known about it way before I found out.
The workshop is something that I have been looking for, for a very long time.
Vicki takes us through all facets of writing from beginning to end.
I really liked the way we had set projects to do.
We were plunged right into writing and being published straight away made my efforts seem very worthwhile and purposeful.
We were also tasked to commence a novel. This can take as long as we need and Vicki is always there to support us. Vicki is very supportive, very approachable and is happy to share her knowledge of story writing with the group. Thank you Vicki.”

Miriam Grech

“I learned techniques needed to create characters and bring them to life making this whole experience truly rewarding.
To be able to understand the process from your first thought on paper to the final word and then getting your book published for everyone to enjoy.
I now have the confidence to write and complete my own novel and to ensure that it’s a success. Thanks Vicki for your patience and rewarding encouragement.”

Rodney Williams

“I attended a writing session with Vicki Williams last year. I found it to be very informative, inclusive and entertaining.
She inspired me to enrol in her course, which meets monthly to encourage writers to find their creativity and continue their writing journey from conception to publishing.
I would recommend Vicki to other writers looking for direction and encouragement.”

Pauline Rimmer

“The window to my creative mind was opened by attending this writing group.
I was inspired and motivated and found a new exciting experience that has lit up my life.”

David Haddon

“Vicki and her Writing Group have changed my life… literally. My future has a new bright, creative path that I had overlooked for too many years.Thank You! Freedom …at last!”

Michael Young

“Inspiring, empowering and thought provoking. Vicki writes an evocative, personally baring story, bringing you into her life as a watcher, almost like an out of body experience.

She draws from her experiences and learning’s, and enables you to feel the tension and relief, the anticipation life brings.”

Larissa Western

“You have surprised me Vicki with your philosophy. Perhaps you could say it has been a journey of self-discovery where you have bared your soul and through it you have learned heaps. Keep believing as this is what you aspire to do, and good luck to you and Rodney in all your endeavours.”

Yvonne Greenhow

“Firstly I’m so proud of Vicki for finally writing & publishing her first book, from my earliest memory she has always wanted to be a writer.

Her own journey into spirituality has grown considerably over the years, since our first peak into what the Divine Universe has to offer, all those years ago.

Spiritual paths have been there all the time, it was only that we were not tuned into what was available from the Universe and of course there are no instructions on how to use these strengths, unless you are open to the coincidences life throws at us.

Paula K Teau

“When I got this book had no idea what to expect. Was enthralled to find it resonated with my own personal believes and experiences.

Vicki details her personal journey in this 40 hour book challenge her personal journey using principles she learnt from her guides through divine intervention, hearing and trusting them and using it in her life and career.

Her journey though filled with ups & downs leads her to believe it’s all about divine time & knowing when it’s right. A good read for those seeking answers and spiritual guidance.

Pam Singh

“Vicki William’s book “Trust the Universe” is a great read.

She writes artfully about her life journey and how spirituality has featured as a significant force in her life.

Her book is both insightful and inspirational. She shares honestly about the challenges life presented her, her husband and family.

How they handled each of life’s adversities will give you hope that something better is always available, particularly if you seek help from Spirit.

You will learn how she has used spirituality in her life to achieve the life success she has.

She also shares her struggles to maintain that spiritual connection and what she did to reconnect with it.

Dr. Elizabeth Conway

“The positive thoughts in Vicki’s book Trust the Universe, brought an unexpected sales promotion for which I am grateful, not having sourced the Scouts.”

Michael Mardel writer
The Journal of Paul O’Leary: from the city to the outback.