Vicki Williams from Melbourne, Australia lives an amazing life. In her first book “Trust The Universe” she writes from her heart as she takes you on a journey of spiritual discovery.


Inspiring, empowering and thought provoking. Vicki writes an evocative, personally baring story, bringing you into her life as a watcher….

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Larissa Weston

You have surprised me Vicki with your philosophy. Perhaps you could say it has been a journey of self-discovery where you have bared your soul…

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Yvonne Greenhow

Vicki William’s book “Trust the Universe” is a great read. She writes artfully about her life journey and how spirituality has featured….

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Dr. Elizabeth Conway, Msc.D

The positive thoughts in Vicki’s book Trust the Universe, brought an unexpected sales promotion for which I am grateful, not having sourced….

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Michael Mardel

When I got this book had no idea what to expect. Was enthralled to find it resonated with my own personal believes and experiences.

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Pam Singh

Firstly I’m so proud of Vicki for finally writing & publishing her first book, from my earliest memory she has always wanted to be a writer.

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Paula K Teau

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